Bead update 30.7.

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Hannes and Elina have accomplished a lot during the past two weeks in Nepal with sorting, cataloguing and taking photos of the jewellery. The biggest challenge for them has been to deliver the finished material to Finland, as the internet connections have been really poor (even when downloading overnight they’ve only been able to download a few megabits to the server). They will fly back to Finland in a week, so the usb-sticks and hard drives are probably bursting with materials for you.

Hats off to Hannes, by the way, as he used all of his three weeks of summer holidays for this project.


Store of Hope

The store is ready and will be published during this week. Due to the poor internet connections in Nepal we won’t be able to exhibit and sell all the jewellery there right now, but during the next few weeks

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we are listing new jewellery all the time.