Day 24 – Nepalese villages 2 | From a large government funded school to small village school

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The next morning we left Jankpur in a different frame of mind. The village had an effect on us all. This was first time Mikael and Rico had witnessed life of people living in poverty. Both commented on how unequal life is.

The local paper managed to publish a story of our visit the previous day

This is the aim of our project. We have had a stable childhood and access to education to enable us to succeed in life. We hope to help to give similar opportunities to all children in Nepal. With your help and support we are a step nearer to this goal. Thank you!


Another school

On our way to Kathmandu we visited another school that Fida International were working with. To our surprise the school was not as we expected. We walked through a mass of school children into a courtyard which was surrounded by brick and concrete buildings which were the school’s classrooms.

We were told the school has 1504 pupils and approximately 20 classrooms. The school operates on two teaching periods and each class

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contains 40 children at a time.

The staff consists of around 30 people all together. One to one tutoring is not possible however as this school is funded by the government the standard of education and facilities was higher to the small village schools we visited.



Fida’s aim in this school was to improve the operation of the school and to improve teaching/disciplinary methods. Local children are also encouraged to continue into further education.

The school has set up a club for children. The club gives children a voice by publishing stories written by its member’s on

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issues affecting them. The club also help to keep the shared areas of the village tidy.


Back to casteless

We visited another school in the same area which was in a casteless village. First and second year pupils attended the school which was a small hut with a straw roof and bamboo walls. Two classrooms contained altogether 50 pupils taught by one teacher.

This might sound sad, but a modest school is better than no school at all! For these children this school provides opportunity to learn to read and write for the first time. For the outcast of the village this was surprising that somebody was interested about their village.

This modest school built with straw roof and bamboo walls provides opportunity for residents of the village to change their future.


If you want to support this project you can donate straight to Fida with these information:

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Reference number:80646054647

Fida’s permission for fundraise (in Finnish):

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