Only for the brave!

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Many have probably thought about how our sales for adverts works. Joonas Malvisto, the coordinator of our sales team sheds some light on this – and sells adverts!

Joonas, how has the project taken off? What have been the reactions to our advert sales?

– During the search for our first sponsors there were dozens of sent emails, applications and phone calls, many agonizing moments of waiting and the disappointed sighs that followed those. Stupid mistakes and many, many lessons learned as well as some moments of desperation.

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In spite of all the guys are now on their way with enough equipment and it is time to focus on selling adverts that will change the outlook for the future for hundreds or thousands of children in Nepal.

– I have faith in the Finnish companies having a lot more courage. Because it takes courage – to say ‘yes’ when a twentysomething guy at the other end of the line tells you about a crazy dream and asks whether your company would like to be a part of changing the world.

What has been challenging?

– We are not an established advertising media. It is impossible to look at the past sales or statistics with us. We have gotten an incredible amount of press coverage and our Facebook fanbase has doubled each week, but we cannot guarantee certain growth numbers. For each company that has and will become involved I can personally guarantee, though, that they will be a part of a big and life-changing project. The Wall of Fame of the brave can be found in the sponsors section of our blog. My own mission in this project is to make it as full as possible.

What is Autolla Nepaliin Ltd. and what is its mission?

– This is about doing good, so probably many have wondered is the complexity just to distract people or is there a reason for it! There is a reason and in addition it is a solid one. We, Juho Leppänen, Mikael Hautala, Mikael Karjalainen and me, Joonas Malvisto, founded a limited company for this project, so that we can direct all the money from the advert sales onwards through it. The law demands us to keep books meticulously so that every euro is accounted for. We wanted to makea all the money transactions as transparent as possible. osakeyhtiön

Could you explain how does the limited company work in the middle?

– Since I like clarifying examples I will give you one now: Company X wants to be involved with 500 euros. With that sum the company will receive 500cm2 of advertising space on the side of the van. Autolla Nepaliin Oy will send the company a bill for 500 euros and the 500cm2 sticker will fly with Misa Jokisalo to Nepal, where it will be attached on the car. The adverts on the sides of the car will be shown in great video updates and in addition the company logo will be displayed on the sponsors section of the blog. When the trip is over and all the advertising profit has been collected, they will be directed forward. After taxes all the profits by the penny will be directed to Fida International Internationalille, which we have found to be an effective and trustworthy way of getting help to where it is needed. Fida will be able to put many poor girls and boys on the countryside of Nepal to school with the euros gained from the adverts. Without our help, many of these children would not get this chance.

– Besides that there is another significant point to the Ltd., which every company getting involved should consider. We can charge the companies for the sold advertising space which means that every euro is a normal business expense for the companies. Because the companies have to market and advertise anyway, it is great that it can create a profit beyonf the growth of sales.

Would you tell more about your different options for adverts?

– The adverts on the sides of the car are not the only way to be involved but we there are different options to choose from. There is a list of the prices attached!

How can a company or an individual be a part of your project?

– Be brave, talk about our project at work, get your own company involved by contacting me or give an entrepreneur that you know a nudge! Maybe your old class mate from Business College will be interested in this – so spread the word! In this way you are a part of changing the lives of many Nepalese completely.

Contact or call 040 1327202

Joonas Malvisto
Sales Coordinator



Sides 1€/cm2
Back door and the roof will be each sold separately to the company with the highest bid
N.B. the deadline is 17th of August, anything later than that won’t make it on time to travel with the driver!

Banner space website banners starting from 200€/week.

Facebook likes
Once a week a list of the companies who have promised to make a donation starting from 10 cents for each ’like’ will be published

Those who have purchased advertising space with more than 500 euros will have their logo on the sponsor list permanently and there will be a link to a website chosen by the company