One more reason.

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Kirjoittajana Juho Leppänen.

I buried my grandpa today. I am his only grandchild and his only male descendant. We were very close.

Already when I started to plan this project I knew that grandpa would probably not see it come to reality.

This funeral was one of those where death was a silent savior that led away the tired and suffering. This funeral was a good funeral for me as grandpa is in eternal rest now.

Still death makes you stop and long mega moolah for someone.

When grandpa was young he was a good teacher at two small villages on the countryside. He did his job as a teacher well and rode his bike or moped from one place to another trying to make a positive impact also in other ways to the surrounding society.

The Nepalese countryside teachers are in the same position now.

May this project also be a tribute to you, Grandpa. May it enable the work of many good teachers like you in Nepal.