Video: At a Nepalese village 1 – Shreenagar village

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AWESOMELY GREAT NEWS! A Nepali private person has donated a plot of land for the Shreenagar village school! This means that the school can establish a permanent school building and continue to develop!

We stopped by the Shreenagar village. It is one of the villages that we are raising money for! Thank you for following our trip and thereby helping corporations do good for these children!

If you want, you yourself can make a donation directly to the schoolwork of these villages – with the help of this information:

Recipient: Fida International ry
Bank: Nordea
Account number (IBAN): FI4122871800005256
Reference number: 80646054621

Using the reference number above, your money will be directed to the enstrengthening programme of the Maithili people of Nepal.

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