VIDEO: Car crash in India | End of the story?

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On a beautiful sunny morning on the wonderful hillsides of India Mr. Juho Leppänen and his loyal sidekick Misa ”Misacorp” Jokisalo awoke full of excitement and joy in their extremely cost effective accomodation in

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Udaipur, eager to begin their journey towards the metropolis of Mumbai. Having consumed their lumcious morning meal while enjoying the magnificent sunrise over the railing of their hotel”s rooftop restaurant they set foot towards their second home, parked in the yard of this colorful building. Their loyal vehicle, friskily dubbed as ”Möhköfantti” had been patiently waiting over a long night, ready to take a shot at the 700 km journey ahead. As its engine roared to a joyful start and diesel started running through the old lady”s veins, the two Finnish men inside were about to begin a journey they would never forget…
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