Some Good and Some Bad News + Miracle Making Party!

In Photo, Text @en by kuvastin

The Bad News

Our struggle to get Möhkö back in shape and into a ship towards Iran is still ongoing. Today we should have gotten Möhkö in order until 12 o’clock, so that it could have been registered out of the country fast enough to get the other ship going (we missed the first ship a week ago already). We didn’t make it to that deadline, although we fought first in Finland and afterwards here in the Toll office, even though the guys in Volkswagen worked a long night.

We’ll get Möhkö quickly in shape here. It should arrive to Finland by the end of October, only three weeks behind the original schedule.

Even though we were close at making wonders and making it in time to another ship, we fell behind for a week in Mumbai. At this point we’re already hugely thankful to Volkswagen Finland (especially Jaana Ehrnrooth) for their support in getting spare parts and Itella for getting cost price to the freight!


The Good News

That you get a little bit short to trying to achieve a miracle, doesn’t mean that you should give up on achieving next miracles! Now we have a chance to CREATE A BIGGER MIRACLE TOGETHER to get Möhkö back in Finland “dressed up” completely in commercials!

Because of the crash being late for two weeks gives more time for companies to buy commercials in the sides of Möhköfantti. This gives all of us a chance to achieve something wonderous! You long time followers already know where the profit of commercials is going but others will find it out from this VIDEO.

So What can You do:

We still need to get higher bids from corporations commercial space-wise to these parts (You can also see the direct purchase price, of which the offers exceeding will get a deal at an instant):

The whole back door + back window, (12 000e)

The roof of the car. Will show up well in videos (4000e)

The lower part from the middle of the sides 30x40cm (1200e/side)

The middle graft from the middle of the sides 12x55cm, (660e/side)

The lower part of the frontal fender 12x50cm, (600e)

In the commercial budgets of the companies these are small amounts, but in Nepal school children will get a huge help from them. By buying a back door a company would make hiring 25 teachers for the whole year possible. Altogether 300 months of teachers’ work!

Yrityksien mainosbudjeteissa nämä ovat pieniä summia, mutta Nepalissa niillä koululaiset saavat huikean avun. Takaoven ostamalla yritys esimerkiksi mahdollistaisi 25 opettajan palkkaamisen koko vuodeksi -siis yhteensä 300 opetustyökuukautta!

The key to make this miracle happen is You! It’s You who might have a contact to the right person! It’s You who might get a tip about us and our advertising space sent to the right company!

People interested in advertising space can be directed to contact: – Joonas Malvisto – 0401327202

If You send tips to magazines, blogs or other medias, they can contact this address:

Or if You want to use our link in Facebook or other social medias:

Ready to make a miracle happen? We can achieve it together!We still have time until the 25.9!!!